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    Checklist: 12 Common Misbeliefs About Alcohol

    Want to understand your relationship with alcohol better?

    Download this free checklist for the 12 most common misbeliefs.

    Cheatsheet: 23 Dry January Tips

    Trying to take a break from alcohol?

    Download this free cheatsheet for 23 Sober Curiosity tips.

    Worksheet: Your 4 Most Important Lists

    Curious about changing your relationship with alcohol?

    Use this worksheet to get clear on your four biggest WHYs.

    4 Tips to Cut Down

    Want to have a different relationship with alcohol?

    Grab my 4 Steps to Cut Down on Your Drinking.

    Worksheet: Develop Your Thriving in Sobriety Vision

    Want to drink less in 2023?

    Use this free worksheet to get clear on your thriving-in-sobriety vision.

    Workshop: A Roadmap from Asleep to Alive

    This workshop is for you, if 

    • You’re tired of feeling trapped or stuck. 
    • You’re exhausted by the rules you’ve created to try and cut down.
    • You are curious about having a different relationship with alcohol.

    Workshop Detail:

    • Workshop Length: 60 minutes (with interaction)
    • Fee: $79

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