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  • Fee and Policies

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    Initial Phone Consultation– 15 minutes, free

    During this phone call, we will briefly discuss what is bringing you to therapy and how I can best be of help. If we decide that I might be a good fit for your needs, we will go ahead and schedule two initial assessment sessions. If we agree that your needs might be better served by someone else, I will happily refer you to one of my excellent colleagues in the Bay Area.

    Initial Assessment – two 50 minutes sessions, $200-300

    At our first two appointments, we will go over your current symptoms in detail, your past mentel health, psychiatric and medical history, your family’s mentel health history, and your social supports and situation. At the end of the initial assessment, I will provide you with my initial diagnostic impression(-s) and an initial treatment plan, with the understanding that these might evolve over time.

    On-going Therapy – 50 minutes, $100-150 per session 

    Once we mutually decide that we are a good fit, we will decide on a frequency to meet regularly. To fully benefit from psychotherapy, I see most of my clients weekly for a period of time before discussing possibly spacing out to biweekly and eventually monthly in the long term. 

    8-Week Psychoeducation Group, $500 for eight 90-minute sessions. 

    See more detail on the group page.


    I am only accepting payment by credit card at this time. I require that a credit card be on file before our first appointment.


    At this time, I am not currently on any insurance panels as I want to practice psychotherapy unencumbered by insurance companies’ administrative burdens. I can provide a “superbill” at the end of each session with all the necessary information for you to seek partial reimbursement by insurance.

    Cancellation Policy

    Due to the limited hours of my practice, I require that all cancellations and requests to reschedule be made 24 business hours in advance. For example, if your appointment is scheduled for Sunday at 5pm, I require notice of cancellation by Friday at 5pm of the week prior.

    Any Other Questions

    Please contact me with any additional questions you may have.

    Community Resources

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    The following links are listed to provide you with additional resources. The following is not meant to be a comprehensive list, nor is it an endorsement of the content of the sites.

    Community Low-Fee Programs

    Alcohol and other Drugs and Suicide 24-Hour Hotline: (415) 362-3400

    Asian American Residential Recovery Services: (415) 762-3700

    Bay View Hunter’s Point Foundation for Community Improvement:(415) 822-8200

    Center for Open Recovery (DUI classes and 24-hour helpline):(415) 296-9900

    East Oakland Recovery Center: (510) 568-2432

    Harm Reduction Therapy Center: (415) 863-4282

    HealthRIGHT 360 (Formerly known as: The Haight Ashbury Free Clinic Drug Treatment Services): (415) 863-4282

    Joe Healy Medical Detoxification Project: (415) 864-1515

    Mental Health Access (general mental health referrals for SF residents): (415) 255-3737

    Mission Council on Alcoholism for Spanish Speakers: (415) 826-6767

    Native American Health Center: (415) 621-8051

    Smart Recovery (alternative to the 12-step model): (866) 951-5357

    The Stonewall Project (A program of the SF AIDS Foundation): (415) 487-3100


    Community Support Groups

    Alcoholics Anonymous: (415) 674-1821

    Al-Anon/Ala-Teen: (415) 834-9940

    Adult Children of Alcoholics: (310) 534-1815

    Co-Dependents Anonymous: (415) 905-6331

    Cocaine Anonymous: (415) 821-6155

    Crystal Meth Anonymous: (855) 638-4373

    Marijuana Anonymous: (800) 662-4357

    Narcotics Anonymous: (415) 621-8600; (510) 444-4673

    Alternatives to 12-Step Model

    Moderation Management: (510) 287-8873

    SMART Recovery: (866) 951-5357

    Making a Referral

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    Our prompt attention will be given to your referral!

    Make a referral in 3 easy steps:


    1. Fill out this referral form 

    2. Fax it to us at 888-495-0487

    3. Wait for us to return this worksheet to you with the details of our contact once we connect with your patients. 

    Thank you for your kind referral!