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    About Jeanette

    Born in the US and grew up in China, Jeanette moved to the US in her early twenties to pursue a career in Psychology. 

    Jeanette knew she wanted to be a therapist since she was a teenager. Growing up in boarding school, she had to navigate the pain of abandonment, institutionalization, and complex attachment trauma at a young age. As a teen, she felt utterly alone in her existence. That was when Jeanette decided, one day, she would be there to relieve the suffering of others who feel as much pain as she did. 

    Jeanette has her share of struggles with addiction. For many years, alcohol was her secret remedy for soothing the unspoken pain within. What started off as a solution later became a problem. Today, Jeanette has been able to find peace and healing in her recovery. With deep empathy and compassion, she is committed to hearing the untold stories of many others who struggle with addiction and helping them to cultivate a new, healthy, and more mindful relationship with substances, and with themselves. 

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