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  • Then & Now

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    Then & Now

    I love to wake up at the first ray of sunlight, instead of the closed curtains and my bedroom clock stating “12 pm”;

    I love to have the fresh morning air fill up my nasals, instead of the taste of last night’s booze lingering in my throat.

    I love to open my eyes feeling ready for a new day, instead of finding myself unprepared for a pounding headache;

    I love to hold a deep engaging conversation with friends and family, instead of giggling at my own drunk, inappropriate jokes;

    I love to remember the minty taste and soft lips of my lover’s goodnight kiss, instead of searching my memory the next morning for how I got into bed;

    I love to plan a future full of hope and dreams, instead of spending all my waking hours obsessing with my next drink;

    I love to experience the millions of possibilities life can offer, instead of clinging to the one mind-numbing escape that alcohol provides.

    – Anonymous