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  • A Complete 30 Day Toolkit to Cut Down Drinking

    A Complete 30-Day Toolkit to Cut Down Drinking

    This 30-Day toolkit helps you to curb your drinking, without relying on willpower or 12-step programs, with as little as 5 minutes a day! 


    In this toolkit, you will find:

    – A 30-Day Five-Minute Journal Prompts to help you effortlessly curb your drinking so that you can feel healthier and more energized.

    –  7 Self-Compassion Exercises to cultivate a positive relationship with yourself so that you can feel happier and more content.

    – 30 Alcohol-Free Activities to delay the “wine-clock” effortlessly and blissfully so that you can feel empowered and more confident.

    – 4 Mock-tail Recipes to keep the fun going so that you can enjoy a fun night without the morning hangover, waking up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

    – A 30-Day Habit Tracker to help you track your progress so that you can feel motivated and rewarded.

    Bonus: A Alcohol Beverage Calories Count for easy reference, so you know how many calories you have saved.

    Bonus: Come Up With Your Own Worksheet for your favorite personalized alcohol-free-fun ideas.


    Disclaimer: All content in this toolkit is for self-help purposes ONLY. The information from this toolkit is in no way intended as medical advice, substance abuse counseling, psychological counseling, or as a substitute for medical or any other professional counseling.